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IT, Starlisia Bryant, Atlanta, GA

I’ve never seen this before

It’s taken me by surprise

It’s taken headphones from my ears

And pulled back the blinds from my eyes.

I’ve seen it everywhere yet it’s nowhere to be found

It lacks rhythm and bass but has all of the sounds.

You never hear it count but it knows all of the read more >


Leading Teams in Fast Moving Water by Luke O’Neill, American Explorers, Founding Director

Let me begin by saying that I absolutely love watching the process of transforming a group of total strangers into a functioning team, especially within the span of a few hours.

For many years I had the pleasure every autumn of working with a group of forty health professionals who had read more >


Base Camp Reflections, CJ Stewart, Founder, Diamond Directors, L.E.A.D., Inc., Atlanta, GA

CJ Stewart is the founder of L.E.A.D., one of our nominating partners in Atlanta. L.E.A.D. is dedicated to making the dreams of urban youth flourish and thrive. CJ flew to Montana in June with our first group of students and American Explorers had the privilege of hosting him for several read more >


Untitled, Hanni Wiegand, Bozeman, MT

Among the many memories I’ve created at American Explorers two stand out the most. It was the third day of our expedition and we had to go up river because the banks were too thick to bushwhack. One of the girls who was walking in front of me lost her read more >


Strength in Numbers, Molly Taylor, Bozeman, MT

I think in numbers, in patterns. That’s not to say I don’t have feelings or anything, or that every single thing in my life has to fit into a nice, shiny little box, because that’s not true at all. I just know that numbers never lie.

So let’s talk statistics.


20 kids

20 read more >