American Explorers

IT, Starlisia Bryant, Atlanta, GA

I’ve never seen this before

It’s taken me by surprise

It’s taken headphones from my ears

And pulled back the blinds from my eyes.

I’ve seen it everywhere yet it’s nowhere to be found

It lacks rhythm and bass but has all of the sounds.

You never hear it count but it knows all of the steps

With every breath it takes and every tear it drips

With every ray that shines and every mountain that peaks

Clouds touch the ground because all that’s here is peace.

Ants crawl along and birds sing their song

Trees grow so high and mountains scrape the sky

It is removed so easily that there is no more

Replaced by the new suburb, mall, and your nearest grocery store.

It has the steps, It has the sounds yet no one want to keep it around

Throw some rocks, cut down some trees

Yank beautiful plants away from their seeds

Put what we want in front of what we really need.

Make houses on top of what used to be homes

Give Its freedom as something that can be owned.

It’s been hit, It’s been hurt. It’s been tried and abused

But nature, It, is something we’ll never lose.